AUMED, a.s. launches its own self-sampling set based on the principle of gargling of the oral cavity and pharynx. The new sampling set was named PCR GARGLING KIT. The self-sampling device is intended for collecting samples, which are then tested in a professional laboratory for the presence of viruses infecting the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract. The kit was primarily developed for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes covid-19. The evaluation is performed in the laboratory by detection based on nucleic acid amplification such as RT-PCR and RT-LAMP methods. The kit is fully validated and meets CE IVD certification. The kit is registered by the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) under registration number 00959967 (issued by SIDC-CZ).The sampling kit was developed and  manufactured by a Czech pharmaceutical company AUMED, a.s.. Company production capacity is up to 100,000 kits per day.

The new collection is therefore much more pleasant and completely painless. Instead of pushing the sticks into the nose, it is enough to gargle a sip of ordinary water for 20-30 seconds and then empty this content from the mouth into the enclosed collection container containing the transport powder. The user then closes the tube and packs it according to the instructions. The user will perform this procedure either at the sampling point or at home, from where he will then deliver the sample to the sampling point, to the laboratory or, for example, to his doctor.

The combination of the newPCR GARGLING KIT and the AUMED test RT-LAMP Assay SARS-CoV-2 test kit creates completely new possibilities for the detection of new coronavirus in the population. Painless and fast collection without queues is followed by fast and reliable diagnostics! 

AUMED a.s. ensures the production of the sampling set. If you are interested, contact us by email info@aumed.cz and we will contact you immediately with a price offer depending on the number of required sets.