AUMED a.s. offers for companies a comprehensive solution for preventive testing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19). We provide sampling and subsequent testing of samples. We perform sampling with the PCR GARGLING KIT self-sampling set, the principle of which is based on gargling of the oral cavity and pharynx. The collection is therefore much more pleasant and completely painless. Instead of pushing the sticks into the nose, it is enough to gargle a sip of ordinary water for 20-30 seconds for half a minute and then empty this content from the mouth into the enclosed collection tube containing the transport powder. The evaluation is then performed by our newly developed test kit using the RT-LAMP method. The RT-LAMP test is functionally comparable to the RT-PCR test. For long-term and effective protection of the company, therefore, a significantly longer interval of repeated testing will suffice than in the case of antigen tests, where retestation occurs every 5 days! This makes our testing more cost-effective than inaccurate antigen testing. We send the results within 6-8 hours after receiving the samples. If you are interested, please contact us at info@aumed.cz.